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Vision Plans

If you have a vision plan, it is your responsibility to let our reception staff know that you want a routine vision exam. Please understand that vision exams are for routine vision problems, not for medical conditions. If you have a medical eye condition, or one is discovered during a routine vision exam, you may be asked to return for another examination of this medical condition. We cannot file claims to both your vision insurance and your medical insurance for services performed on the same day. If you don’t notify us that you want a routine vision exam prior to the appointment and the claim is filed with your medical insurance carrier, we will not re-file the claim with your vision insurance even if your medical insurance paid nothing or applied a portion to your deductible. Please note that we do not participate with all vision plans and so you’ll want to make sure the doctor you are seeing is listed as a provider prior to your appointment. We participate with EyeMedVision Service Plan (VSP), Commercial Avesis, and MetLife Vision Access and will be happy to check your eligibility, but we must know in advance (before the exam begins) that you have this coverage. In order for us to bill these participating plans, please confirm your coverage with the front desk staff and pay any required co-pay as you check in for your appointment.


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