What To Expect

Thank you for selecting The Kearney Eye Institute for the care of your eyes.  The entire staff of our specialty group would like to welcome you to our office.  We will make every effort to satisfy your needs.  You may expect your first visit to last 60 to 90 minutes during which you can ask any questions about your eyesight.  We will be glad to answer those questions and provide you with additional written information that we have available. 

You can access the following through our Patient Portal tab:

  • A Medical History Questionnaire
  • Demographic Information Card
  • HIPAA Privacy Policy Form

Please take a few minutes to fill out these forms and return them to us at the time of your appointment.  Please note that your exam will be delayed until these forms are completed. 

You may also download these forms as PDF and print them from here.

Please also bring the following with you to your appointment:

  • Your health insurance card(s)
  • Your vision insurance card
  • Your prescription drug card (Medicare Part D)
  • Your driver’s license or other photo identification card

If the photo ID does not show your current address, please also bring a utility bill or other correspondence showing your present residence.  We need to do this as part of our Identity Theft Prevention and Detection and Red Flags Rule Compliance program.  We understand these additional procedures can be inconvenient but they’re necessary to comply with federal requirements that help assure we don’t allow someone to fraudulently use another person’s identity. 

The best medical care can be provided only on the basis of mutual understanding.  We encourage you to discuss any questions you may have regarding our policies with our billing staff.