"I love it! … To see the time on my clock radio, without having my nose touching it is great … and the rest of the day just gets better."
Sue -Surgeon Dr. Blakely

"Unbelievable! Everything and everyone was outstanding starting with the pre-op teaching through the actual procedure and now the results. I would recommend it to anyone. It still seems like a miracle when I go to take my contacts out and I remember I don't have them in!"
Scott -Surgeon Dr. Blakely

"I never realized how great it would be to not have to take out my contacts every night and clean them every morning. More importantly to not have to fumble for my glasses in the middle of the night if one of the kids needs me.

The staff at Kearney Eye all the way from the front desk to the nurses and doctors were great.

My vision was horrible and I was 20/15 the next morning."
Ty-Surgeon Dr. Blakely